Our Areas of Expertise

We are proud of our work and don’t outsource anything. Every detail is reviewed by our firm’s licensed Architects before being delivered to our clients. By keeping work in-house, we provide accurate project time frames that are clearly communicated with our clients. We keep our costs down and are able to provide professional services to our clients at a lower price point.

Being a full-service firm, we can also provide 2D and 3D elevations for use in any public or zoning meetings and in marketing collateral, both print and web.

Construction Documents

We can help create or edit any project documents you have. 

Perfect for all projects

We won't replace your team. We can step in when you need help. 

Residential Code Analysis

Our team has the experience to pinpoint any code issues quickly. 

Experience matters

Mastering building codes takes time and experience. It's the small details that keep your project on track. 

Design Development

Our architects can develop custom plans while keeping reality in mind. Budgets matter. 

Build Something Beautiful

Everyone has their personal tastes when it comes to details and having several architects on staff keeps ideas broad. 

2D and 3D Renderings

Wade Architecture can provide renderings for any project, even if we didn't start it. 

The Visual Conclusion on Paper

A quality rendering can help turn an idea into reality, especially when you need public approval.