Rose's Biography

Blued eyes woman with glasses

Rose Chow

Senior Project Manager

Rose Chow joined the Wade Architecture team in December of 2021 with over 20 years of architectural professional experience in commercial and residential projects.  Her experience working in architectural firms has provided her the opportunity to be involved in a diverse number of projects in various roles.  Rose particularly enjoys the architectural design process since this provides the opportunity for bringing together ingenuity, pragmatism, and technical parameters to create spaces and structures that enhance the human experience.  She also appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with her colleagues as this is a perfect way for everyone to benefit from each other’s experience and perspective.

 Rose’s educational background includes earning Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees, during which time she particularly enjoyed the urban design courses that enabled her to take part of real-world projects in various communities in Michigan, Austria, and Bolivia.

 Whether designing structures for people to live, work, play, or the outdoor environments created by these structures, Rose’s goal is the same, to design aesthetically pleasing spaces that fit the user’s needs while also guarding the natural and built environment.  The challenge, responsibility, and creativity this entails is the reason Rose enjoys her career of choice and the driving force to create meaningful architecture.